Vince Labriola is the founder and emcee of Trivial Filmmaker. He is a filmmaker from Chicago, and if you want to know more about that here's a good place to start. He is writing this in the third-person but it's weird, so he's just gonna say hello directly. Hello. Nice to meet you. I started this to give filmmakers of all walks of life an excuse to meet, drink, and trivialize. All great collaborations start somewhere: why not in the Music Box Lounge on a Monday night? Whatever you've been doing on Monday nights, stop that and do this instead. It's better.

Our first trivia night is June 13th, and you can RSVP via this link.

Our poster is designed by Bobby Sims of Culdesac. It is awesome. We're trying to scrounge up the dough to get it screenprinted.

Say hello at Let's find time to grab a beer at Four Moons and talk movies.


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